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A Sensational Season For Coast & Marina Properties

Waterside Apartments

The month of February and the past few weeks have been an extremely exciting time for Coast & Marina Properties Estate Agents in Deganwy.

The confidence has returned to the market and we have experienced an excellent season of enquiries for the start of the year, moving into spring this trend looks set to continue.

It has been a strong, solid month for Coast & Marina and recently the property market as a whole has been wonderfully buoyant. There is certainly plenty of interest in the niche coastal properties provided by our company. It has been exciting to witness that sales of apartments are gaining momentum while town houses and detached houses continue to experience great appeal too!

We have observed some interesting changes in the trends of enquiries this year. We are delighted to reveal that apartments have suddenly become increasingly attractive to buyers once again.

Now that financial stability is returning it is bringing renewed interest to apartments once again, although Coast & Marina Properties enjoyed great interest in a wide variety of our properties even during this recession thanks to our selective collection of niche properties.

Our exclusive collection of elite properties is what has made Coast & Marina stand out in the North Wales property market. Unlike other agents Coast & Marina Properties maintain a smaller quantity of properties, which are carefully chosen. We believe in only selecting stunning properties that have exceptional qualities we know capture the interest of our buyers. This smaller quantity of properties also allows us to focus on excellent customer service, which we pride ourselves on. We gain a special relationship with our buyers to help us understand exactly what they are looking for and never waste their time on unsuitable properties.

We often hear from our buyers that they come specifically to Coast & Marina because they are looking for that ‘special property’, whether it is fabulous views, glamorous interiors or a prime location. We know that the ‘best’ does not need to mean the most expensive but simply high on quality, charm and desirable locations. We choose all our properties very carefully and always put loyalty to our clientele at the forefront of our business ethics.

Coast & Marina are well known for our reputation both at home and nationwide. Over the years we have developed a firm reputation in the local North Wales area but we also attract clients from all over the country. This is evidenced by the fact that some of our latest sales are from as far afield as Staffordshire, Cheshire, York, Surrey, West Sussex, Bristol and Dorset.

Our superb properties and customer service means we have wide appeal both locally and nationally. Our hard work and reputation means that our clients know Coast & Marina is synonymous with excellence so contact Coast & Marina Properties Estate Agents in Deganwy now to find out more about our specialist property services.

A Sensational Season For Coast & Marina Properties
Article Name
A Sensational Season For Coast & Marina Properties
It has been a fantastic season for sales and enquiries here at Coast and Marina Properties.
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