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Coast and Marina Properties Have Joined On The

Deganwy Sunset

It has been a fantastic and busy season for the Coast and Marina Properties team so far this year and we are delighted to announce that we have joined On The

On the is now yet another place you can find and browse our stunning, niche coastal properties. It is exciting to be involved with this interesting new, up and coming company. On The was launched early this year and is a refreshing and dynamic property search site.

Coast and Marina are thrilled to be working with On The, which stands out among property search sites with its simple, straight forward approach to property, making it easy for our clients to browse the best properties. They utilise state of the art technology on their site to deliver a clean and fresh approach with no distracting ads or unnecessary jargon.

A Great Sales Season

We have been experiencing a phenomenal sales period here at Coast and Marina with some of our properties selling before even going on the open market. In fact our sales are so good that we are on the lookout for even more outstanding properties to add to our collection. If you have an extra special property in North Wales which you are looking to sell please get in contact with our estate agency team on 01492 580500.

A New Office For Coast and Marina

In addition to all our great sales news and joining On The Market we are also pleased to reveal that Coast and Marina have acquired a new office in the heart of Deganwy Village. This office will work alongside our marina based Deganwy office to showcase our business and increase our brand awareness in this prestigious high profile area.

Our new office will possess a modern, chic interior design with a truly unique stylish atmosphere. We look forward to welcoming you. Look out for our launch date announcement.

Coast and Marina Properties Have Joined On The
Article Name
Coast and Marina Properties Have Joined On The
Coast and Marina Properties have joined On The Market and have a new office in Deganwy Village.
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