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Luxurious North Wales Properties Are In High Demand

North Wales Luxury Property

Coast and Marina Properties are continuing to have an extraordinary year for sales.

The interest in our stunning property collection has actually increased even more over the summer season.

Our estate agents have been hard at work as many successful negotiations have been taking place recently. In the last couple of weeks alone we have seen several successful deals from £800k to £1.5,000,000. Demand for our specialist properties has remained consistently strong with a positive sales season all year round.

We have observed that the desire for higher end properties has certainly not abated in our local area of North Wales, despite a recent dip in demand down in London areas. The romantic coastal areas of North Wales are highly sought, thanks in part to the captivating natural landscape and relaxed lifestyle.

Coast and Marina pride ourselves on our elite collection of properties. We only market truly special, beautiful homes that stand out from others in the area with their breath taking views, exceptional location and inspiring interiors. Our clients repeatedly report that they come to Coast and Marina specifically because we seek out the very best properties in the area.

We have experienced such a consistently successful sales season at Coast and Marina that we are currently seeking more impressive properties to add to our collection.

There is a shortage of high end properties to meet the ever increasing demand, so if you own a luxurious North Wales property it could be exactly what are our buyers are looking for. Whether it is a charming countryside property with a wealth of character or a modern and stylish coastal property, if you have a superb home you are looking to sell, contact Coast and Marina Properties for a personalised, expert service.

Luxurious North Wales Properties Are In High Demand
Article Name
Luxurious North Wales Properties Are In High Demand
Coast & Marina Properties are looking for even more stunning properties to add to our collection.
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